Tucker's Nursery

by Anise Flowers

A big thank you to my brother, "Uncle Shawn" for spending the weekend helping me with projects around the house -- and most importantly in the nursery.  With his great skill at constructing furniture, the room is all ready for Tucker's arrival.

1970-01-01 00.01.05.jpg
1970-01-01 00.00.37.jpg
1970-01-01 00.01.44.jpg

I was blessed with another baby shower today, surrounded by a dozen special friends.  And it was a treat to have my sister-in-law, Kelly, in town to attend as well.  We enjoyed an adorable and delicious cake -- in the safari theme.  And Tucker received many wonderful presents! 

team mom.jpg

A very special thank you to the shower hostesses: Angela, Kandas, Karla, Lois, & Cheryl.  These women also helped me along the way with the realization of my dream to become a mother!

Five more weeks until Tucker's arrival.  He continues to happily kick and dance throughout the day.  And I continue to be blessed with a wonderful pregnancy.