Happy Baby

by Anise Flowers

Peanut and I saw the doctor a few days ago.  And she had a hard time getting a heart rate because he was making so much noise moving around.  Dr. Scott said that he must be very happy to be moving so much!

I’ve been in a transition phase for a few weeks where my baby belly was visible -- but most strangers were reluctant to comment.  Until yesterday -- when I walked into a school district to teach a workshop and two women came up to congratulate me on the baby.  So I’ve officially moved to the next stage of “obviously pregnant”!  Yesterday was 23 weeks and we are feeling great.

On Thursday, I finally receive confirmation that my territory at Pearson would remain the same, South Texas & Arkansas.  I will now be consulting with hospitals & clinics about psychological tests as well as school districts.  I’m off to Minneapolis next week for our summer corporate meeting.  The meeting days are long but I look forward to seeing my colleagues.  I have a few friends at Pearson who are also having babies this fall so it will be fun to compare notes!

I created a photo book for Peanut about his gifts from Grandma.  And it turned out very cute.

Grandma book.JPG

Also, I bought a new mattress and sheet for the bassinet that my mom used with Shawn and me.

Baby bassinet.JPG

My kitchen table has become a display of items that Peanut has received.  Because it is just so much fun to walk by and see his baby gifts!

baby gifts.JPG

We have our next ultrasound in 2 weeks to see how big the little Peanut is growing.  So stay tuned!