Our New Names

by Anise Flowers

I went to court this morning to officially change my name after almost exactly 13 years as “Anise Flowers-Burglass.”  I was too traumatized when getting divorced in 2006 to go through the hassle of changing my name at that time.  And I think part of me was reluctant to completely separate from a man who had been in my life for 16 years, and the love that we shared.  But now, in 2013, the time was right.  And naturally, I want to share the name “Flowers” with my son.  So I am very excited to say that I have returned to the name so lovingly given to me by my mother and father: “Anise LaVaun Flowers”.

As for Peanut, his name has been emerging and will be deeply rooted in our family history.  Here is an illustration:

Maternal Great-Grandmother:    Helen LaVaun Tucker

Maternal Grandmother:              April LaVaun Tucker Flowers

Mom:                                            Anise LaVaun Flowers

Baby:                                            Tucker Vaughn Flowers

Tucker continues to be a very happy baby, making for an easy pregnancy.  We are 27 weeks / 6 months along now.  And I very much enjoy feeling him move and dance around each day!