Let's Get Moving

by Anise Flowers

Tucker is 10 months old and On the Move!  We’ve had a rapid developmental spurt over the last three weeks.  Tucker continues to love standing while holding on to furniture or people.  Now, he is cruising around furniture and he loves to walk around holding onto your hands.  In fact, he loses interest in his toys because he would rather be walking!  Tucker also figured out how to sit up on his own (making diaper changes super challenging now!).  Then he started pulling up on everything around the house (and helping me with the laundry and the dishes). 

Tucker started crawling about two weeks ago.  And he waves sometimes.  Tucker also figured out how to clap his feet and his hands.  He has learned to both roll and throw balls.  He is still chattering a lot but we are definitely acquiring a lot of motor skills at the moment.  Now when I go into his room in the morning, he is standing in his crib, waiting for me.  And smiling.

I am grateful to be in the presence of such a happy baby.  I recently heard an Oprah Lifeclass show on the radio where the children were talking about how their parents are disappointed if they don’t pursue certain sports, interests, or hobbies.  So I had a chat with Tucker.  And I told him that he does not have to play any sport or musical instrument, or achieve any certain goals in order to make me proud or happy.  I want to keep sending this message as he grows older.  The girl that broke my heart on the radio show said her mom complains that she is “too happy and laughs too much”.  The mom told Oprah that her own childhood was not very happy and she feels like her daughter, who wakes up laughing and goes to bed laughing, is not taking life seriously enough.  She wanted her daughter to also know that life is hard and tough.  I could not relate to this as I am such the opposite kind of mother.  And I would love to have a child who is laughing and smiling from the beginning until the end of the day.  I hope Tucker always knows that life is supposed to be fun and joyful.

We went on our first plan ride in late September and Tucker handled the trip beautifully.  Tucker has been blessed this past month with family visits including his Grandpa Ron, Uncle Shawn, Aunt Kelly, and several adopted grandmothers.  This past Saturday, we spent a day at the Dallas Arboretum and Uncle Shawn took some great pictures of Tucker.

View Tucker’s latest movie here: http://youtu.be/NIcihKvSVAA

Wishing you many happy mornings, waking up with the joy of an infant who remembers that life is supposed to be Good.