Seven Weeks Old

by Anise Flowers

Baby Tucker was 7 weeks old on Saturday.  He is a very good baby, sleeping for one 5 - 6 hour stretch at night.  Tucker is also happy and content most of the time. 

Tucker hfi 2.JPG

On Saturday, we had a visit from my dear friend Sherry and her children, Gus, Marigny, and Jack.  They live in New Orleans but had come to Houston for the weekend.  Jack was sweet to read a couple of books to Tucker!

Also, on Saturday, I made a video of Tucker's daily activities. In addition to eating & sleeping, he likes to hang out in his swing, his jungle gym, and his bounce & sway seat.  He also likes to listen to music, songs, and nursery rhymes.  And Tucker makes fun baby noises -- but of course he stopped every time I turned on the camera!! 

Link to movie:

These weeks at home with Tucker have certainly been the happiest time in my life.  I'm looking forward to 5 more fun weeks before returning to work!