Surviving Storm Harvey

by Anise Flowers

My Storm Harvey Appreciation List

I am grateful…

We did not receive the brunt of hurricane force winds.

Despite multiple tornado warnings, none touched down in my area.  I kept both children sleeping close by but did not have to move them during the night for another tornado warning.

The pond that any rainstorm causes in my backyard did not rise toward the house. 

I was able to keep the TV off most of the time as the images of flooding all around the greater Houston metropolitan area were so devastating.

I had my Avon lady, my house cleaner, my handyman, and the neighbors on my street all close by.  I never felt alone.

We only lost power for 2 hours.

Nextdoor and Facebook were my lifeline to my community near and far – even if the pictures made me cry.

Jeffrey Royed, the Woodlands Weather Dude, posted daily weather information without any of the hype of TV news.  I hungrily awaited each new update and appreciated his heart and humor.

Friends and family reached out by text, email, or on Facebook, some of whom I hadn’t talked to in years. 

My Mom taught me to keep a well-stocked pantry and freezer so we never had to worry about needing groceries.  And I had plenty of dog food and dog prescriptions for the duration of the storm.

The first responders and citizens of Houston helped each other when 3 trillion gallons of rainwater caused flooded areas spreading across over 50 miles in multiple directions. 

Experts knew how to release water from the dams as needed so that the overall damage was not even worse.  Although my heart breaks for the two neighborhoods just to the north of me where water went up to the rooftops.

When the water was rising in my neighborhood (one street away) at the end of day 3, I had an invitation to stay with dear friends if needed.

I did not need the suitcases I had packed because Harvey changed course and did not return to Houston a second time.

After 3 days with a 100% chance of rain every hour, the rain finally stopped.  After 3 days of constant Flash Flood warnings, the warnings stopped.

At the end of day 4, the sun came out.  We took a magnificent walk through the neighborhood enjoying the sunlight and the cool breeze at 71 degrees.  An end to multiple days of stress and lack of sleep.

My 2 boys, my 3 dogs, and my home remained safe and dry.

“Uncle Harvey” overstayed his welcome but my city has responded with Love.  And I believe Love will continue to prevail in the aftermath.

I am so deeply grateful.