Off to School

by Anise Flowers

Last week Tucker started preschool on Tuesday and Thursday at Interfaith Child Development Center.  Their mission is to “inspire children to grow, discover and develop a love of learning.” And the Center is part of Interfaith of The Woodlands: “We, people of faith, called by our traditions to compassion have created an organization where we gather in mutual respect, dialogue and cooperative action to provide a connection between communities of faith and the community at large.” So in addition to being an excellent child development program, I love the purpose of the parent organization.

Tucker’s class has 10 children, ages 1 – 2, and two very experienced teachers.  I like the cultural diversity present in his class, too.  The program is literacy-based using a new storybook for each week’s activities.  Tucker is enjoying trips to the science lab, the library, and the playground.  He is also doing some art projects and making new friends.  I am so excited for him!

In August we made a short trip to Arkansas to visit Grandpa and friends.  Tucker had fun playing at the park in Mountain Home and visiting with everyone.

Tucker continues to add to his vocabulary with new words like milk, sit down, truck, bike, night night, baby, and cat.  I am fascinated by his multi-purpose use of words.  “Ball” could mean a ball, something round (like produce), or something you can throw (not necessarily round!).  “Bye bye” means good-bye, let’s go outside, or a telephone.  So Tucker noticed that all phone conversations end in Bye Bye so he thought that would be a good label for phones!  Also, I never noticed how many airplanes fly over our neighborhood until Tucker started pointing them out (and signing airplane). 

Tucker is also expanding his climbing skills and has added trees to his repertoire.  He will be 21 months in a few days.  Twenty-one months of fun and many more to come!